Using an Equine Solarium throughout the Year

With less cloud and warmer spring weather arriving, it’s so nice to get sunshine on the horses’ backs. As well as feeling great, it is good to know that this promotes the Vitamin D in their system and improves their well-being, but how can we achieve this throughout the seasons?

A Horse Solarium can be a valuable asset in ensuring your horses are in optimal condition, improving their welfare by focusing on the development of their physical and emotional needs.

The main reasons for using an Equine solarium include:

  • The benefits of muscle warm-up and relaxation ahead or after exercise
  • Providing relief for sore backs and skin conditions
  • Strengthening their immune system
  • Aiding recovery from injury and also preventing injuries from occurring
  • Reducing drying time after a wash before rugs can be applied

We tend to associate solariums with the winter months when sunshine is in short supply. However, there are many further seasonal benefits that a solarium for you and your horse all year round.


During the warmer spring months, the additional warmth of the solarium may also encourage the summer coat to come through. A horse’s winter coat sheds quicker in warmer weather, the additional warmth that a solarium can provide will promote this process. This can provide extra help for those who need to get their equines’ coats in showring condition and reduce the lengthy winter coat shedding process!


Solariums with fans incorporated within the design, as featured in the Drimee Solariums, also aid cooling after an extensive workout or just to provide comfort on hot and humid days.


The Solariums can be utilised to provide warmth and extra light when it comes to clipping time, ensuring there are no missed bits and the horses don’t fidget due to feeling the cold. Indeed, the relaxing effect of the solarium could prove advantageous for horses who are nervous when it comes to clipping – but we cannot guarantee this!


In cold and damp conditions with very little sunshine, the added injection of Vitamin D via the infrared is much appreciated to increase the horses’ general wellbeing. When the muscles are cold and stiff, this is when soreness or injury is more likely to occur without a proper warm-up or cool-down. Using the solarium for just 10-15 minutes can help reduce the strain on the muscles and any potential injury.

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Horse in solarium

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