Temporary Stabling

Temporary Stabling is suitable to house horses and other livestock for a range of occasions.

From private use during poor weather or as an interim solution whilst new ones are being built, to on a large scale providing equine accommodation for International Competition, camps and even Royal state occasions. We hold a vast number of stables in stock and can supply any number from a minimum of 2 stables for personal use to an unlimited amount for an International Event.

There are many advantages for Temporary Stables, here are just a few;

  1. No Planning Permission Needed: Temporary Stables do not require planning permission as they are a non-permanent structure that is portable and short-term, meaning they are a quick and simple stabling solution.
  2. Easy to Assemble, Disassemble & Move: Perfect for busy event organisers, the quick and simple installation of our temporary stables makes for convenient operations for event’s organisers & users. Also, they can be configured to optimise any space.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Our temporary stables are extremely easy to clean, making them very hygienic and perfect for events. They are very strong meaning the risk of damage and so repairs are minimal.
  4. Easy to Store and Transport: The ‘flat-pack’ construction of our temporary stables mean they are easy to store and take up little space, perfect for downtime in between events, ideal for equestrian venues and also enables us to keep our delivery charges low.
  5. Economical: Temporary Stabling is there when you need it, you have them for the length of time you require, meaning you are always getting the optimal value for money. If owned, you can get a return on investment through competition charges or resale.

Although the STARBOX temporary stabling with its’ patented automatic erection system is perfect for swift installations for large scale outdoor events, it is confined to the 4 stables in a back to back configuration and with a roof on.

The HYPPIC Stables are more adaptable, and can be erected in various layouts, with or without a roof, to accommodate customers requirements.

The Aligned Layout is a popular option for limited space or if just a few are required with all the stables in one row. These can be used outside with a roof in multiples of 2, or any number inside an existing building.

Back to Back is most commonly used for events within an exhibition hall or existing shed with just the side panels, or with their roof on in groups of 2 for outdoor use.

An option which has increased in popularity with private hire users, is the Eco Barn layout. This consists of 6 back-to back stables but with the centre panels removed and entrance doors facing inwards, creating a temporary American Barn feel. Perfect for keeping everything under one roof and contained – especially through the winter months.

The HYPPIC BARN is generally used for large scale event hire, as an unlimited amount of stables, in a multiple of 4, can be set up. With a 4m aisle, there is plenty of room for wheelbarrows, hay and equipment to be stored either side for competitors.

If you are needing temporary stabling to host an event or for an interim solution, get in touch with us for a quote to hire or purchase on +447974 304717.

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