Field Shelters for all Seasons

Permanent Field Shelters

All types of Field Shelters provide invaluable protection against the elements, with shade from the direct summer sun and shelter from the driving rain and wind.

They’re not just used exclusively for horses, either, they are suitable for many other field-housed animals, in various heights and lengths from Sheep, Goats and Llamas to Cattle, there’s a shelter to fit them all! With standard sizes starting from the Classic at 3 x 3m, up to Classic Max at 20 x5m (with larger bespoke sizes upon request), the size of the herd can be as little or large too!

Regarding the planning permission for field shelters, the general rule of thumb is that if groundworks are required on the land beneath the shelter, it is outside the perimeter of your garden, and requires any sort of footings and foundation (stone, drains or concrete), it will require planning consent as it is permanently altering the landscape.


Mobile Field Shelters

Mobile Field Shelters are a great flexible asset as there is no need to decide on their location, or apply for planning permission as you would have to do if you were constructing a permanent form of shelter – as long as it is moved and does not have permanent flooring. We always advise contacting your local council to ensure this is definitely is acceptable to avoid any uncertainty and potential retrospective planning applications. As a quick fix, where plans have not been finalised, or just to provide comfortable cover for your horses when they are on temporary accommodation land, this could be the ideal solution. You can even convert the units from a field shelter into a stable with the addition of the optional stable doors. Another very popular temporary option is to hire or purchase Temporary stables which can easily be stored, erected and moved when required.

To find out more about planning permission for Stables, have a look at our Planning Permission for a Stable blog.

If you’re looking for a field shelter to house your animals, have a look at our range of field shelters – Field Shelters • Static & Mobile Horse Shelters • Cheval Liberté ( or to see the build quality for yourself, pop on stand 496 at the Royal Highland Show 23-26th June 2022.

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