Benefits of using a Horse Walker

There are many benefits to using a Horse Walker, and they’re not all just for the Horses. 

Save the paddocks!

During the winter, paddocks can easily become churned up during the wetter months by horses galloping, turning and using up their excess energy to entertain themselves. Using a Horse Walker helps burn off any excess energy and ensures that they are exercised in a controlled manner, at a suitable speed, without the risk of injury and pulling off shoes as they perform their voluntary ‘airs above ground’ and pirouettes!

Safe exercise environment

By regular daily exercise in a Horse Walker, horses legs can be strengthened and stamina built without the need for exercising on the roads. Although hacking can have many advantages, there is always the risk of cars, bikes and unknown hazards – such as a paper bag or wheelie bin! 

Less labour intensive

Using a Horse Walker enables multiple horses to be exercised at once, whereas you would need several riders to be able to exercise them all at the same time without access to a Walker. For injured horses or those which are coming off box rest and need walking out in hand, they are invaluable for rehabilitation as they replace the need for somebody to keep them calm and walking consistently. There are benefits for those horses which are particularly lively to walk in hand as it also reduces any potential risk to handlers trying to control horses which have a lot of pent-up energy.

Safer Stable management

Using a Horse Walker in a morning whilst cleaning the yard makes it a much safer experience to muck out and put feed in without a horse in the stable. In addition, they are then warmed up and ready should they need schooling, or have been able to stretch out on days when the fields are too wet to turn out and time and light restrictions are a factor.  

Saves time

Horse Walkers are also a great tool for helping warm horses up before exercise and cool down post exercise, so if you have a number of horses to ride, they are good to go as soon as they come off the walker. 

Invest in an asset

Not only is a Horse Walker a great asset for day to day working, it is also a fixed asset which could increase your property value, or they can also be sold second hand, making them a sound investment.

Avoid Potential Vet Bills

Regular and routine exercise is great for the horses mental and physical wellbeing by helping to prevent injury and keeping their mind active to avoid boredom, which can lead to stable vices and other undesirable behaviour!





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